Newborn Session Tips

      Your newborn's photography session can last up to 2-3 hours.  The studio will be 75-78 degrees to keep baby warm and cozy. 

Clothing & Props: Parent poses will be mostly photographed from the chest up. I recommend white, cream, brown, gray, or black clothing. But mostly, colors that fit your homes color palette. Its a good idea to bring an extra set of clothing in case there are any unexpected messes. If you have a family heirloom or something that you would like to use in photos feel free to bring it along! For example: wedding rings, stuffed animal, shoes, handmade blankets or hats etc. 

Photography: I like to photograph younger siblings in the beginning of the session before they get comfortable in the studio and I still have their full attention. Then we'll photograph family poses, ending with poses of just baby. If this is your first baby I'll most likely start with baby once they're nice and sleepy. The first 30 minutes of your newborn appointment will be for you to feed and go through prop choices and background options with me. It is very normal for us to take two breaks for feedings and cuddles. Feel free to bring a snack for yourself or little siblings to enjoy at the studio too!

Feeding: We suggest waiting to give the next feeding until you're at the studio. This will assure a super sleepy baby for all of those cute poses! Keep in mind what you eat, baby eats too. Try to stay away from caffeine and those no-no foods the day before the session. IE chocolate, broccoli, spicy foods, etc.