The Long Story




Nicole Ferrara, Owner





After a two year self debate I decided to go to college for photojournalism. I loved the thought of capturing a situation as it unfolded. Being a photojournalist it is unethical to manipulate the image with posing or with post editing. This makes the moment so pure, so real. That’s what made me want to learn about photojournalism. I gained more knowledge than I could imagine about my camera and how to operate it.  I can say without a doubt I learned more while I was actually working as a photographer. After studying photojournalism I was hired editing photos for a family run portrait and wedding studio. This is where I learned about the importance of color correction and color balancing. What you see on your screen isn’t what you get in print! I’ve spent years of my career mastering color correction and knowing what my images will print like when sent to my preferred labs. It makes my soul ache when I see a beautiful image that was not color corrected properly and was printed with that nasty green, blue or orange hue. AH! ..I digress.

I started to fall in love with portraiture photography working at that local family run studio then moved to a national run studio photographing high school senior portraits. I’ve personally photographed over 25,000 high school seniors in the Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey area. This, now this is where I FELL in LOVE with portraits and LIGHTING! I learned how to get a “feel” across by just using lighting and expressions! Capturing the expressions that my customers fell into naturally became my little game. Every time they liked an image… point for me! If they didn’t like it.. I learned from it and grew.  At the end of my 4 years with this national studio I was already two years into running my own part time photography business. After getting 8 weddings under my belt I decided to take the leap of faith and go full time with my wedding and portrait photography business. FULL TIME! That was pretty scary, but I built a strong customer base in those 2 years and I

was ready! I hit the ground running as a wedding and senior portrait photographer!  After my first year of being full time I found myself completely busy with weddings! The senior side of my business started to take a backseat. Well guess what, all my brides started to have babies and their friends did too!! Overnight the maternity and newborn side of Ferrara Photography exploded! And I couldn’t be happier! Currently I’m months from opening Ferrara Photography Studio. I hope you’ll stop by and check it out!

I thrive on consistency of my images and the experience my clients get to have when I photograph them! Thank you for reading my story and I hope to hear from you today!  

[Your Love, My Art.].